Vickie Tanner

Vickie Tanner is a NYC actor originally from Los Angeles.
Her first professional job STOMP, after which she moved on to work with innovative writers and directors of film and theatre such as Peter Berg, Sir Peter Hall and Donald Margulies and Stacy Cochran. Vickie has written her own solo play, Running
Into Me, which she has performed in NY and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
She holds a BA from California State University and completed a 2 year professional acting program at William Esper Studios with Maggie Flanigan.

She is represented by Bret Adams Agency, Ltd.

Vickie was recently invited to Days and Ayles Writers Residency
to hammer out her latest project. Working title: Leave. Me. Alone. Not.Her solo play Running Into Me will appear for 3 performances at The Westbank Cafe in March.

Vickie Tanner

Is a NYC actor, writer and producer, originally from Los Angeles.
She has worked in film, TV and theatre with Peter Berg, Sir Peter Hall, Donald Margulies and Stacy Cochran.

Vickie is the writer and performer of Running
Into Me, a solo play, performed in NY, L.A. and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is also creator of a new web series One Cuckoo. 


Represented by Bret Adams Agency, Ltd.


One Cuckoo pilot is an official selection in SVA, Lift-Off New York and Harlem International Film Festivals. We are currently in fund-raising mode for next 3 episodes. My latest project, Home, a short film by Ellie Foumbi can be seen on Netflix Film Club.